Body contouring

Procedures for Excess Skin Removal

Body contouring is a broad category. Within this category, fall various treatment options such as face lifts, tummy tucks, Liposuction and breast lifts. The type of procedure that one should opt for depends from person to person on the basis of individual factors like, areas of sagging or droopy skin, amount of fat, genetic conditions, and others. It is best that the interested individual consults a qualified and skilled doctor or surgeon to get to know the best available option for his or her body type before deciding to go in for the procedure.

Available Body Contouring Procedures

Body lifts are great for those who demand immediate visible results. In this procedure, the surgeon targets one or more than one areas of excess skin and eliminates them in a matter of one or a couple more simple procedures. In case the person has undergone another surgery recently, it is preferable that he or she wait a few months before going under the knife again. In doing so, the results delivered are nothing less than perfection.

Breast lifts are great for those who have extra fat above, below or near the breasts, which make them sag. Besides, through a breast lift, the woman can also get a more toned, but natural bust. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation procedure, if she is unhappy with the size of her breasts.

The washboard abs that were hidden underneath all that skin can now be brought to light through abdominal etching. The excess fat is first drained out and then the unwanted skin folds are removed.

Requirements for a Body Corrective Procedure

Body contouring procedures, as a part of the surgical sphere, are naturally a bit pricey. However, this is an investment that has to be made once for a permanent fix to one’s body. Moreover, the money is productively used for the proper maintenance of equipments and the appointment of good members of staff, which will all, ultimately, benefit the patient.

A qualified and licensed doctor is the most important component of a successful aesthetic procedure. Many fraudulent practices often lure in customers with unbelievable discounts and illogical promises. One should understand that this is only possible as the clinic compromises on the quality of equipments or the staff is not sufficient and well-trained. The technology at these clinics is outdated, the equipments are not clean and the members of staff are unqualified. Hence, money should never be an object when something as delicate and sensitive as a surgery is in question.

Body Contouring and Health Benefits

Body Contouring and Health Benefits

People, all over the world, dream of having a perfect body, similar to the enviable kind that dons magazine covers. They work out and go on a strict diet, cutting down on their consumption; in a nutshell, a lot of hard work is put in to obtain that body. However, even after losing a ton of weight, many are not happy with their body. This is because, even though the fat has been eliminated, those extra folds of unwanted skin still remain and that is why body contouring is such a craze right now.

Physical Benefits of Body Contouring

Body contouring is an excellent way in which excess fat tissue, which is not reactive to diet or exercise, can be effectively eliminated by extracting the tissue from the targeted area. This is not the only benefit of a body contouring procedure. Apart from the aesthetic improvement, this also provides an advanced level of ease in movement as the friction that exists between the parts of skin that are in contact, is no longer there. Also, unhygienic conditions like rashes, abrasions, excessive sweating and fungal infections are kept at bay.   

Psychological and Mental Health Advantages

Body contouring procedures, without doubt, have great psychological benefits. However, these advantages, in turn, sprout several mental benefits. For one, the person’s mood is considerably uplifted as there is no longer the stigma of being overweight or unattractive hounding him or her at the back of the mind. This is a great confidence booster as the self esteem and body image of the person undergoes a great deal of improvement. This confidence is especially beneficial for those who have to interact with a group of people on a daily basis and hence, the person automatically becomes more outgoing. The latest trends in fashion are so much easier to sport when one has the perfect celebrity figure.

Rehabilitation Post Body Contouring

With the latest technology available at good clinics, recovery is no longer a cause for worry. Aesthetic procedures have now become minimally invasive and hence, the patient can be up and about in a couple of weeks. Stressful tasks like exercising, walking long distances and swimming must be put off for about a month or as per doctor’s orders. Smoking and drinking both before and after surgery are a complete no-no. Proteins, like meat, fish, milk and eggs should make up the majority in the diet as the amino complex in them speeds up the recovery process as well as helps in muscle repair for lesser pain. Regular check-ups at the doctor’s office should always be made to ensure that everything is going smoothly in the patient’s body. Although very few medications are prescribed, the ones prescribed should be taken religiously.

Body Contouring Procedures for Men

Body Contouring Procedures for Men

Initially, there was a stigma against men opting for cosmetic correctional procedures. They would be teased and made fun of as it was believed that a man should never focus on the aesthetic part of his being. Procedures like body contouring would only attract female customers. However, things have thankfully changed for the better now. With male celebrities endorsing the importance of a man’s physical appearance, men are flocking to beauty specialty clinics to get flawless physiques and appearances as their female counterparts. These bold men are not only being touted as trendsetters but are also more prone to getting female attention due to their attractive looks and confident personalities.

Procedure for Men’s Body Contouring Treatment

Men these days are just as conscious of their bodies as women. They are well aware of the fact that more than one area needs to be targeted in order to achieve the perfect physique. The areas of the body that are usually focused on for body contouring procedures by men include stomach, arms, waist, chin, neck and enlarged breasts.

The body contouring option depends on the amount of adipose or fat tissues that have been deposited under the surface of the skin. Depending on this factor, either Liposuction or Liposculpure can be chosen. These are minimally invasive procedures with negligible chances of risks and complications. Moreover, they are more accurate in aiming at the target spots and hence, the results are almost always excellent. Besides, these are way better than the previously used technologies that heavily relied on the usage of laser as patients often complained of having suffered nasty radiation burns while the surgery was being conducted. The new innovative methods also require a lesser period of time for thorough recovery.

These procedures are based on vibrations that trigger the body’s natural defense against pain and stimulate endorphin production from the very beginning of the procedure up to 36 hours after completion, thereby acting as a natural pain reliever. Due to the small size of the cannula, and the usage of vibrations, it is easier for the surgeon to extract the adipose cells from any part of the body, including the genetic deposits of fat. Alma vShape is the most advanced Radio frequency device for face and body contouringAs a result, the risk factor involved is considerably reduced.